Mindful Strength welcomes Montreal native Louka Kurcer to the podcast. Louka is a movement specialist and owner/head trainer of Hardstyle Kettlebell MTL.

“For me, simplicity is key” – Louka Kurcer

Known affectionately as the “kettlebell guy,” Louka’s practice is about more than just kettlebells; using universal principles, he takes a holistic approach to working with his students promoting integration versus isolation. One of the many reasons Louka loves kettlebell as a training tool is its versatility: the freedom and independence it allows the practitioner in movement variety and choice of environment. Kathryn and Louka chat about calisthenics and body weight training, the friendly nature of the kettlebell, the creativity in movement these practices allow, mobility and flexibility, nervous system integration and the beauty and art of movement. Louka provides detailed information on some of his favorite kettlebell exercises and techniques, like the Hardstyle Swing, including progressions and benefits, and shares thoughts on simplicity, purposeful practice, awareness and flow, and last but definitely not least why grip strength “is everything.”

Though this episode is mostly about movement and bringing kettlebells into practice, why it works and why its interesting, both Louka’s personal story and training philosophies carry a lot of depth. Louka also has a ton of great resources online. Explore more via the links below.

In this episode…

Louka Kurcer \\ Hardstyle Kettlebell MTL
Louka’s website is a deep pool of information on kettlebell and calisthenic movement. Here you can find a full on knowledge centre, videos, articles, e-books, programming and more.

Download Louka’s Crawling Program for FREE.

Connect with Louka on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Strong First \\ The School of Strength
Strong First is an international community and school of strength brought together with a conviction that strength has a greater purpose. Louka is a Strong First certified instructor and advocate.

Pavel Tsatsouline \\ Author: Power to the People
Pavel Tsatsouline’s book Power to the People had a tremendous impact on Louka’s journey with movement. Pavel is also the Chairman of Strong First.

Kettlebell Techniques \\ Tutorials


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