Lovedeep Dhunna is a holistic personal trainer and therapist, who works with individuals beyond the physical, bringing his education, experiences and unique approach to the oft times linear world of strength and conditioning. Lovedeep has been passionate about fitness and weight lifting since a young age and has long been fascinated by the complexities of the human condition.  With a commitment to constant growth, learning and evolution, Lovedeep is currently studying osteopathy which has changed the way he works with people in integrating manual therapy, intuition and more, with the more traditional aspects of training.

This episode is a special one as Lovedeep was Kathryn’s first coach when she began to train and explore movement beyond yoga, as well as a mentor of many years. Lovedeep was at the forefront of what lead Kathryn’s practice to evolve in the way that it did and  has been a tremendous influence on her approach to working with people and exploring the complexities of how people move and behave in the world.

In this episode we get an opportunity to learn about Lovedeep; his journey through education and movement, and the inherent curiosity that has led him to his present practice. We get a glimpse into his unique way of working with and assessing individuals that is holistic and  all encompassing  in an effort to make training a living dynamic process – mirroring the dynamic nature of humans themselves.  Lovedeep dives in and yet just scratches the surface of the complex theories inherent in the osteopathy practice as well and the multi faceted systems that make up the human body and how they affect each other.  The dialogue covers Lovedeep’s methods of assessment, human behavior patterns, nutrition and nourishment,  developing intrinsic strength,  breathing, upper body strength, neuro-anatomy, nervous system function, posture and its connection to our  emotional and  mental well-being,  proprioception and awareness as the bases for working with certain populations, commonalities  in work with yoga practitioners and why education is paramount when working with anyone trying to make change in their   body and mind.  We hope you enjoy this conversation!






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