Marni Wasserman is a healthy living advocate, Holistic Nutritionist, 2-time author and part of the duo behind The Ultimate Health Podcast.

In this episode, Kathryn and Marni connect on their ever evolving relationships to food. They are both graduates of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and have both transitioned from purely plant based diets to eating habits that presently include animal protein. Marni is passionate about real food, real life and sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She touches on the psychology of food and diet, what our brains get stuck on as it relates to what/how we eat, and wonders how many of us are really paying attention to what our bodies need. Find out why chewing well is so important, get a few tips on bone broth and fermenting, and of course, we couldn’t end this chat without asking Marni about her movement practice!

This episode is about food, but it is also about living well and living mindfully. A fresh departure from our regular content, we’re excited to share this conversation with you, .

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In this episode…

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