“There tends to be a sense of expansion that we can feel, when we just simply allow ourselves to exist without fighting ourselves, without being at war with ourselves.” – Melanie Klein

In the final episode of our 5-part Mindful Strength mini-series on health and body image, Kathryn sits down with the incomparable, Melanie Klein. Melanie is a writer, empowerment coach, professor of women’s studies and sociology, co-founder of the Yoga and Body Image Coalition, and a long time practitioner of yoga.

Melanie shares her personal experiences with yoga and body image, and the conversation chips away at the iceberg that is our cultural perceptions and influences regarding body image and body acceptance. Melanie digs in to what it means to become aware of our biases, how these distorted viewpoints become established, and the societal systems and ideologies we must work to dismantle in an effort to live in truth and be our most authentic and empowered selves. Melanie’s work, for nearly 25 years now, serves to integrate feminism, sociology and yoga, supported by a commitment to communal collaboration, raising consciousness, media literacy education, facilitating the healing of distorted body images, and promoting positive body relationships. We are grateful to have had Melanie share her voice and message with our community, one we hope will continue to spread far and wide as the collective conscious evolves.

In this episode…

Yoga and Body Image Coalition \\ @ybicoalition
The YBIC, co-founded by our guest Melanie Klein, is a grassroots initiative and community platform created to advocate for, empower, educate, and embolden others. This community is for any individual who wants to explore and support the fields of self acceptance, representation, diversity, equality and inclusivity.

Melanie Klein \\ @melmelklein




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