Ryan Hurst is a multi-disciplinary movement professional with a lifetime of experience. As co-founder, head coach and program director of GMB Fitness he endeavours to guide others in the pursuit of physical autonomy through education and awareness. Ryan is a father and lover of life and play, with a personal MO to move well, often and joyfully.

Ryan’s personal journey through movement, injury and life inspire this conversation and we love his passion for getting to the root of WHY — what do we hope to achieve with our movement practice and how do we want to live our lives. Ryan shares how GMB came to be, their emphasis on education and the “why” factor, and how they help people discover what they truly need so that fitness and exercise carry purpose and a sense of enjoyment. Kathryn and Ryan cover more than just the nuts and bolts of strength and mobility as the dialogue carries recurrent themes in the importance play and process, the perpetual acquisition of skills, how we are always learning as life evolves, the value of engaging with our beginners mind, simplicity in finding way to move more, and knowing what and how much we actually need as it relates to exercise and our physical bodies.

In this episode…

Ryan Hurst  \\ GMB Fitness
GMB is about creating physical autonomy and freedom in your life.  Their website offers information,  tutorials, and  online programming with Ryan.   You can also connect with Ryan  and GMB Fitness  on    YouTube  and   Instagram.

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