Sarah Selecky is a writer and educator who believes that good writing needs heart, consciousness, skill, and presence. Her community of writers is over 10,000 people strong and she approaches writing as both an art and contemplative practice. Her    method is a hybrid of literary craft and unapologetic love.  Sarah encourages feeling images and words as part of this process, facilitating a mind-body connection that merges  memory with imagination.  We are so excited to share this interview with you.

This episode with Sarah takes a creative break from movement, but still flows in our exploration of mindfulness and embodied experiencing. Sarah shares with us her own creative process, the inspiration and foundations of her teaching method, and how stepping into the unknown intersects art, practice and life. She and Kathryn discover all kinds of correlations between writing,  meditating, mindfulness practice, creativity, teaching, learning, and discovery. Together they navigate conversation around the speed at which we are receiving information and our ability to digest it, as well as experience discomfort in the unknown  and that in riding these waves we can endeavour to  creating space for both curiosity and contemplation that allows both story and life to evolve and and unfold in their own way, in their own time, beyond all expectations.  Sarah shares a few exercises to help you cultivate a regular writing practice, and they pair articulate the importance of ritual in any stimulative venture.

Finally, Sarah lets us in on  some  interesting insights about her most recent book,    Radiant Shimmering Light,  a story of spirituality and human connection in the age of social media and personal branding, and finding personal purpose in a saturated world. We learn how her creative trajectory of  imagining  a future beyond belief became a notion of reality over the course of the work and changed the entire timeline of the novel, speaking to the rapid and radical grasp of our time and  to that creative process of discovery.


In this episode…

Sarah Selecky \\ Writing School
Find out more about Sarah  via her website, as well as the Sarah Selecky Writing School, an internationally-acclaimed creative writing school (and MFA alternative), which includes collaborations with Margaret Atwood, George Saunders, Karen Joy Fowler, and other authors.


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