Schuyler Grant is an entrepreneur, artist, yoga innovator, mother, and the co-creator of Wanderlust, a community and touring festival in support of you living your best life.  In this candid interview with Schuyler, we learn more about her work and her journey, that took her from film  and production to full time yogi and beyond. Schuyler is a true leader and her perspective is both refreshing and powerful.

Exposed to yoga at an early age, Schuyler wasn’t keen on the practice until working injuries put her on a path to exploring the modalities and practices that would eventually come both heal her and form the basis of her own teaching methods. Schuyler shares how the events of 9/11 and life inspired the 2002 founding of her first studio (now 3!) in NYC, Kula Yoga Project, and subsequently, how the global initiative that is Wanderlust came into existence in partnership with her husband, Jeff. We learn how the influence of film, theatre, and storytelling, set a foundation for the Kula Yoga styling and some examples of how this manifests in action. Schuyler shares a bit about the rise of yoga in NYC and her own experience with practice and moderation, with a longtime guiding principle that “there is no one size fits all” approach. Schuyler shares insights and wisdom that can only be gained from experience as she and Kathryn talk cult mentality, why having agency and choice is key, why critical thinking and exploration are of paramount importance, why aging with grace and ease is something to keep close at hand, and how/why slowing things down and being methodical can still be strong, rigorous, creative, variable, and ultimately sustainable.

In this episode…

Schuyler Grant \\ Wanderlust 
You can practice with  Schuyler  on  Wanderlust TV anytime!  Or you can also catch her  in person at either her California Centre: Wanderlust Hollywood, or at various Festival events and retreats around North America and the world.  IG: @schuylergrantyoga

Kula Yoga Project \\ NYC
The Kula Yoga Project  formed its first studio in TriBeCa in 2002, meeting needs for community  both in  NYC following 9/11 and in an evolving yoga scene . The Project now has 3 studios in NYC and a method for teaching and sequencing that is being shared the world over.


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