Sean Lind is a strength and conditioning coach with a specialization in gymnastics. A former Competitive Gymnastics Coach and  Professional Circus Artist, in 2010 Sean became Crossfit coach & Athlete, who also has designations and experience in weight lifting practices. Sean’s work and expertise are unique with high level achievements in various movement disciplines and has evolved his coaching to utilize the intersection of these practices to see success with his clients, ranging from competitive or performance athletes to general fitness enthusiasts.

Sean is an incredible athlete and unique strength and conditioning coach whom we were excited to gain perspective from. This episode of the Mindful Strength Podcast digs into the cross section and interconnectedness of gymnastics, weightlifting and crossfit. We learn about Sean’s journey through movement from Judo to gymnastics to circus to Crossfit. Kathryn and Sean talk a lot about the cross over and complementary nature of the various disciplines and the nature of multi-disciplinary work in general in supporting a well rounded practice whether training for competition or life. Sean truly works with the individual and develops programming based on the needs and experiences of each person as he sees them, assessing what is required to keep people out of repetitive strain scenarios. The pair get into specifics discussing isolation versus compound movements, approaches to mobility and flexibility, and more. Sean also talks about training youth, working with their developing bodies and some key factors in preparing young people for long term success.


In this episode…

Sean Lind  \\  Conjugate Gymnastics
Visit Seans’s website to access his online training, The Conjucate Gymnastics Program,   as well as his blog, free videos, upcoming seminars and contact information. You can also find Sean on Instagram @seancarllind .


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