Kathryn sits down with Linda, her friend, student, general good human and podcast regular, to talk about how we see, feel, use and really understand the core body and core strength. This subject is vast and complex and one to which our knowledge base is continually evolving. Their conversation covers everything from training to simply breathing, conventional perspectives of core versus a fascial body core, nervous system and tissue adaptation, and tension – why its not all about letting it go!

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In this episode:


Gil Hedley \\ gilhedley.com

Watch Gil Hedley’s early video, The Fizz Speech. We reference this video in our episode with Chris Kummer, as well as here.  You can find Gil’s full catalogue of work via his website.

Chris Kummer \\ chriskummer.com

Visit Chris’s project the Yoga Anatomy Show and join the conversation on Facebook, where he regularly posts videos.

Paul Hodges \\ Research 

Paul is a leading clinical voice on the core and pelvic floor.

Katy Bowman \\ nutritiousmovement.com

Katy’s book, Diastasis Recti is a must read, you can continue to explore movement and research with Katy via her website.

More \\ 

Beyond some of the resources above, what else can you do for your core and to gain more knowledge? Engage with pilates, explore weight lifting, and ask questions!


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