From time to time, on the Mindful Strength Podcast, Kathryn is joined by regular guest, student and fellow mover, Linda Eamer.  This week, they chat about the ins and outs of yoga teacher training programs.  Linda asks Kathryn for her thoughts and perspectives from both sides of the fence, sharing things to look out for when choosing a teacher training program, why you should be discerning and why you should always keep on learning, some thoughts on Yoga Alliance certifications and governance, as well as, learned experiences and perspectives on facilitating programs as teachers, the importance of having a well rounded, quality teaching faculty, and more!

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In this episode…

Articles on Yoga Alliance \\ Perspectives
Diane Bruni: Reconsidering Yoga Alliance
Yoga Detour/Cecily Milne: Why You Don’t Need a Certificate from Yoga Alliance


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