Molly Boeder Harris is a yoga teacher and trauma recovery consultant based out of Portland, Oregon. Molly and Kathryn are both students of the Somatic Experiencing (SE) methods designed by Dr. Peter Levine and connected to chat about yoga, trauma, recovery, resiliency and supporting people in their journey through life and movement. This early recording in the life of the Mindful Strength Podcast got lost in our archives, and once found, even though its not quite on par with our present production quality, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to share Molly’s work with you.

In this conversation, Molly shares her own personal story of how she came into this work, her trajectory and continued evolution through trauma recovery, personal practice and being a guide, support and mentor to others with a strong focus on survivors of sexual violence. Molly speaks to a variety of topics connected to SE and trauma work including: nervous system dis-regulation and the complexities there of; movement, how we can use this as a tool to bring people into increased fluency with their bodies and their needs as survivors of trauma; adaptability both as student and teacher; the importance of slowing down; yoga injuries; language; hands on adjustments; powerful personal statements on recovery and resiliency; advice for getting started on a healing path and so much more.

This information is so important, not just for teachers but for all humans interacting with others in community both personally and professionally. Check out the resources below for more information on these topics.

In this episode…

Molly Boeder Harris \\ mollyboederharris.com
Connect with Molly:

The Breathe Network \\ thebreathenetwork.org
Molly founded The Breathe Network in 2012. The Breathe Network is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to connect survivors of sexual violence with sliding-scale, trauma-informed, holistic healing arts practitioners across the United States and Canada. They educate and train healing arts practitioners on the nuanced impacts of sexual violence as well as techniques to increase trauma-informed care within their practice in order to best serve the unique needs of survivors.

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