Movement & Mental Health Series

3-Part Series to Boost Your Emotional Strength and Build Skills for Capacity

Here’s what you get:


3 Live Sessions - Thursdays 6:00-7:30 PM


Classes are live practice with Q&A


Practice along to learn techniques how to shift, settle and sooth your nervous system


A Resource Manual to Help Hone Your Own Practice and Foster Your Relationship to Mental Wellbeing


Access the recording until July (repeat the classes as many times as you like)

During this 3 Part Workshop Series Chris will share novel ways to use movement to boost + support mental health.

There will be gentle and restorative work, as well as education around mindfulness and mental awareness; however, there will also be space for teaching movement that is considered “tougher” or “challenging”, and how that can be powerfully validating for people.

Trauma and mental health movements tend to be highly restorative. While there is value in those techniques, this series will round out the discussion and offer new ways to bring more people (and strategies) into the conversation.  He will walk you through three practice sessions with Q&A that focuses on skills that help shift our nervous system out of overwhelm, settle our whole selves (and stories) when feeling activated and then soothe our hearts/minds into rest.   You will also learn tips and techniques on how to identify when one or all of those strategies may be more effective than another.

Appropriate for teachers and non-teachers alike who are curious about mental health support.

Workshop Schedule and Facilitator

Before teaming up with Mindful Strength Chris Bourke worked in mental health and addictions for over a decade and roots his teaching in that experience – placing a strong emphasis on practices that respect, support, and encourage an individual’s innate resilience. Chris has also completed some training with Neil Pearson and has a specific interest in the bio-psycho-social perspective and the poly vagal theory.

Three Thursday’s in May

6:00-7:30 PM ET

May 5 – Session #1: Shift

This session focuses on the ways we can shift our state of mind and being to feel safer.  Learn how to identify and untangle from some of the stories we tell ourselves (and others) about our capacity.  You will learn mini-exercises that will boost your sense of strength and understand how to step-back, assess and pause before action. 

May 12 – Session #2: Settle

This class focuses on the ways we can “settle-down” when things are feeling churned up.  Chris will teach you ways to coax yourself lovingly into a more easeful state.   We’re often told to just “relax” or “calm down” yet lack the know-how.  Sometimes it’s about trusting our own instincts and body intelligence.  

May 19 – Session #3: Soothe

This class is all about tender, loving care and how that can nurture us into deep restoration.  While the practices will be slower and gentler, this may be one of the harder classes – as Chris will teach you experiential ways to love yourself into being (a hard thing for a lot of us to do).   Learn how to take some of the threat of our own self-judgement away and how to soothe yourself when it’s hurting.  

Equipment You Need:

yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, bolster* 2 blankets, and self-massage balls like Yoga TuneUp (or similar product like a tennis ball).

*You can use blankets if you don’t have bolster.

Sessions will be live via zoom and recorded.

$75.00 CAD.

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