A Lifetime of Movement Practice

Today we welcome Kathryn’s long-time colleague, and friend of the yoga family, Christine Felstead. Christine has been practicing various forms of movement including marathon running, Ashtanga yoga, mobility, and now strength for longer than most people we know.

Her love of movement has changed over the years as she has experienced injuries, burnout moments, huge pivots, and the ups and downs of life. Christine has learned many lessons and she continues to practice and teach the types of movement that light her up.


Yoga for Runners, the book, 2nd edition is available and is now in full colour. Updated content in each chapter, integrating a more science-based approach to the practice. Sequences modified and new sequences added, of varying length. Each of the poses and isolation exercises—selected especially for runners—is described in detail to ensure correct execution. Focus is on key pillars of mobility and strength to yield the greatest benefits for healthy and sustainable running. Improve your strength, mobility, and flexibility, and speeding up the recovery process after a run. Plus, breathing and mindfulness techniques help you become more alert to the signs of a possible injury developing.

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