Why Strength Training Help With Rehab, Yoga, Pilates, hypermobility (and basically everything!)

Kathryn and Nikki talk about the ins and outs of strength, and what makes strength training different (but highly complementary) from yoga, pilates, and group fitness.

They discuss why building strength is so important for overall capacity, aging, muscle mass, chronic illness, and even hypermobility. They cover loading, the benefits of heavier weights, the different programs they have tried, and what it feels like when things aren’t working well.

Nikki and Kathryn have a shared love of strength training and helping everyday people understand the basic concepts of human adaptation.

More About Nikki

Nikki Naab-Levy is a strength and nutrition coach with a background in Pilates and over 15 years of experience helping women get stronger and move beyond injury.She holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and B.S. Journalism from Ohio University and is the host of the Results Not Typical Podcast. Her fitness wisdom has been featured in SELF magazine, Women’s Health, and Girls Gone Strong.When she’s not playing with weights, you can find her watching reality TV, podcasting, and drinking all the coffee. 

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