Teacher's Immersion

A groundbreaking three-month online training for teachers, trainers and clinicians who want to bring more strength to their work. This training is facilitated by Kathryn and her incredible team of guest teachers. 

I would highly recommend Kathryn’s online immersion to any yoga, movement or fitness teacher. Kathryn is a highly skilled and very knowledgeable teacher. The course is well-rounded with sections on biomechanics, pain science, breath, mobility, strength and issues of accessibility in group exercise. The guest teachers are all experts in their areas, sharing science-based information supported by the current research. As a long time yoga teacher, the section on pain science has been transformative for me. It provided me with new tools and insights to empower my students and give them positive messages about how adaptable, resilient and robust their bodies are.

E-RYT 500 yoga teacher

About the Immersion


The Mindful Strength Teacher’s Immersion started as a 7-day intensive hosted in Cornwall Ontario in 2018. In 2019 Kathryn filmed the training and decided to host it online to accommodate more participants from all over the world. The Teacher’s Immersion is now an annual online training taught by Kathryn and her incredible roster of guest teachers including Jules Mitchell, Neil Pearson, jamilah makila and Amber Karnes. This Immersion balances Kathryn’s love of strength based movement with biomechanics, the most up to date pain science, accessibility and anti-oppression. This online Immersion is for teachers and trainers who want to update their knowledge and skills in a supportive and evidence based online community.

Is the Immersion for you?

You have a lot of questions

If you are the type who has a lot of questions about strength training and it’s place in yoga classes you are going to love this training. You might even find yourself always asking why.

You are comfortable with nuance

Teaching a set of rules or guidelines is easy, but the problem is the human body is not a machine. This training will dissect movement, biomechanics, pain and accessibility in a nuanced way.

You enjoy hearing from different perspectives

This training will approach ideas about movement, pain and accessibility from a range of perspectives. We will strive to understand the body through various lenses from exercise science to racism.

You are a combination of self directed and group oriented

You feel comfortable setting aside time teach week to go through the 1-3 hours of recorded material, and are excited about sharing your findings with the group. You are willing to ask questions and have conversations in our supportive group dynamic.

Still interested?

 The live Immersion is three months long, and the next cohort will begin in October 2021. Each week participants recieve a combination of videos, audio recordings, and/or readings. There are also weekly live calls on Wednesday’s from 12-2pm EST. Some weeks the live calls will be with Kathryn, and other weeks they will be hosted by the guest teachers.

This Immersion is by application only, and the group size is limited to 50 participants. Kathryn updates the course material annually to ensure it’s always fresh and current. If you are interested in getting more information about the Immersion when applications open click the link below and add your name and email to our list.

I joined the Mindful Strength Immersion after following the podcast for a year or so and attending a weekend workshop with Kathryn and Kyle. I’m a massage therapist, CrossFit and strength athlete and was looking for a way to make strength training more accessible for my clients who didn’t feel comfortable in the gym setting. The stellar line up of instructors, not to mention the wealth of knowledge that Kathryn herself possesses, absolutely exceeded my expectations. The modules presented, in particular the sections on Oppression and Accessibility, have really shifted my mindset and helped me think more deeply about topics I hadn’t yet thought to explore. I absolutely recommend this training and any Mindful Strength course!


Meet Amber

Meet Amber


Amber has a rich backround in teaching Acccessible Yoga and Body Positive Yoga. Her Module will teach you what true accessibility is from the way we provide spaces for marginalized people to the way we actually teach movements. 

Meet jamilah

Meet jamilah


jamilah has been teaching anti-oppression in yoga and mindfulness communities for over a decade. She has experience ranging from managing an actual studio to lecturing at various teacher trainings. jamilah teaches the nuances of power dynamics and how they show up in movement studios.

Meet Neil

Meet Neil

Pain Science

Neil is a yoga therapist, physiotherapist and researcher. His work is changing the way we understand pain and safety in the yoga community. Neil’s module will teach you about pain, the nervous system, and how to move beyond “if this hurts don’t do it”.

Meet Jules

Meet Jules


Jules has an insatiable appetite for biomechanics and exercise science research. Her love of biomechanics and science will inspire you to ask better questions and revisit what you previously thought about stretching, load, and movement. Her module will explain those knitty-gritty questions about tissues, pain, and poses.

This Teacher’s Immersion greatly surpassed my expectations. The lessons were delivered in an organized and professional format, the presenters were excellent and the content was diverse, relevant, thorough and eye-opening. This immersion has challenged me and my thinking in important ways. It will make me a better movement teacher, and most importantly, and a better human.

Yoga teacher