Movement For Pain Care Weekend Course

Delivered over two days in the form of live calls and recorded classes this weekend taught by Kathryn and Chris will give your more options on how to relate to pain.

Here’s what you get:


2 live workshops


Additional resources to help you understand pain science


4 recorded classes specifically for pain exploration


Practical information you can apply to your own practice or teaching


Keep the materials for 6 months to review

Research tells us pain is not always an accurate representation of what’s happening in our tissues.

This weekend course explores the question: what else might be affecting pain and how can we use exercise, mindfulness, and mental health awareness to soothe and build discernment when painful feelings arise?

If you are interested in learning more about pain science and how you can use the evidence in your practice and/or teaching this training is for you.

Workshop Schedule and Descriptions

 Saturday Live Presentation: Understand Pain and Perception (Jan 29 12-2:30pm EST)

Kathryn and Chris will cover basic pain science and outline the bio-psycho-social perspective. Many teachers and exercise enthusiasts have been taught that alignment is the key to safe movement and injury prevention. This workshop will deconstruct this idea as well as topics ranging from posture to adaptation, mental health, and other pain factors.  They will also explain how their teaching methods have drastically changed since spending the last 3 years diving deep into pain education. This will be a webinar style presentation with space along the way for questions and comments.

Kathryn Bruni-Young has been teaching strength-based movement for over a decade. She has interviewed dozens of physiotherapists and researchers on pain science for her podcast and has completed a year-long professional mentorship with pain educator/researcher Neil Pearson. Kathryn has worked 1-1 with many people, teaching them to feel strong in the face of pain or injury.

Before teaming up with Mindful Strength Chris Bourke worked in mental health and addictions for over a decade and roots his teaching in that experience – placing a strong emphasis on practices that respect, support, and encourage an individual’s innate resilience. Chris has also completed some training with Neil Pearson and has a specific interest in the bio-psycho-social perspective and the poly vagal theory.

Sunday Live Presentation: Movement is More Than Feeling Good (Jan 30, 2-5pm EST)

How are things supposed to feel when we move? Often teachers tell us exactly what to feel in every pose or exercise and that can leave a lot of people feeling like they are doing something wrong. In this workshop, Kathryn and Chris will discuss the range of sensations that might arise, including pain, discomfort, anxiety, shakiness, curiosity, joy, etc…and how you can navigate them. They will provide guidance on how to know when it’s ok to keep moving, when it’s time for a break, or when your body might just need something different. Other topics will include novel movements, further discussions on pain and building physical strength, creating safety, and why the goal of movement might not be to erase the pain.

Recorded classes will be delivered to you on Jan 24th so you can have a few extra days to try them. You will have access to all course materials until July 2022.

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