Personalized Strength Program

Conquer your goals with a strength program designed specifically for you

Here’s what you get:


Flexible 1-1 calls with Kathryn


A customized program built around your needs and schedule


Technique coaching for optimal progress


Ongoing motivation and expert support

About this offering...

It’s never too early or late to be working on your strength!

Personalized strength programming is for strength enthusiasts who have knowledge of the basic exercises and are ready to work towards their specific goals. Cross training for a sporting event? Just received an osteopenia/osteoporosis diagnosis? Want to finally progress your deadlift or squat with heavy weights? Kathryn has you covered.


Strength training programs require resistance, and the more options you have the easier it will be to follow our programs. This offering is best for people who go to a gym or have access to a range of equipment at home. During the intake questionnaire we will ask you exactly what equipment you have and find something that works for you.

In-Person Options

If you live in SD&G Kathryn offers in-person training in her home studio. Email kathryn@mindfulstrength.ca to inquire.

What if I’m injured?

Injuries and pain come and go, as long as you have been cleared to exercise by your health care provider you are welcome to join. We welcome participants of all ages, sizes, and folks with chronic pain.


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How it works…

Interested in this offer? Email Kathryn directly at kathryn@mindfulstrength.ca to book your first session.

During the first session Kathryn will gather information about your specific goals, concerns, needs and answer any questions you might have about strength training. 

From there you will get your personalized strength program and begin working on it, at your own pace.

As you work through the program you will film short videos of yourself doing certain exercises and upload them to a shared folder for Kathryn’s feedback. Participants are also required to keep track of the weights, reps and sets they are doing and write these numbers into a shared program document.

Check-in calls are scheduled either weekly, or every other week (depending on your needs). 


To get started we require that you sign up for a minimum of 4 sessions. Each session is $85 CAD + tax and your personalized program is included when you sign up for these sessions. 

Know you are in it for the long run? Book 6-12 sessions and commit to a consistent strength building routine.

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I love just about ANYTHING that Kathryn teaches! Her depth of knowledge and laid-back style of teaching is right up my alley. Not only do I enjoy and get great benefits from both Kathryn and Kyle’s classes, but everything I learn is so wonderful to incorporate into my own yoga/movement classes.

– Diane Murphy

About Kathryn

Kathryn (she/her) has been teaching yoga and movement since the age of 17. Growing up in her mother’s (Diane Bruni) yoga studio she has been learning about mindful movement her entire life. In 2012 Kathryn started exploring other modalities including powerlifting, gymanstics, and various forms of strength based exercise.

In 2015 Kathryn won the Ontario Provincial Championships in raw powerlifting, deadlifting over 2x bodyweight, squatting 2x bodyweight, and bench pressing well over bodyweight. Although she doesn’t compete any more she maintains a heavy lifting practice combined with bodyweight training and mobility.

She has completed a professional pain science mentorship with physiotherapist Neil Pearson. Kathryn has also trained with Poliquin Group PICP 2, mentored with Dr. Scotty Butcher and has interviewed some of the worlds top researchers and teachers for her podcast.

Lately Kathryn enjoys teaching both online and in person in her small studio in Eastern Ontario. She works with a range of 1-1 clients of all ages who are focused on building their strength in mindful ways.

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