This podcast episode is different from anything Kathryn has put up before, and with the upcoming Mindful Strength Weekend Immersion in Toronto this January we thought it would be a good time to launch it again. This recording was the intro talk for the weekend immersion, in it Kathryn talks about how she got into yoga, and from there how and why she got interested in strength work. If you are interested in the evolution of how her practice got started the first ten minutes is a timeline of how her movement practice developed over her twenties. Kathryn shares her story of working with extreme stress, and how her strength training practice began as more of a stress reduction program than anything else. She also gives a little bit of insight into the types of trainings she is interested in. Other topics included in this recording are class and strength program sequencing, adaptation, what we can gain from looking at weightlifters, how the nervous system adapts first, why we feel strong after only one session, joint preparation, how strength training can be mindful and more.

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Kathryn is excited to be back in Toronto teaching the weekend immersion over January 20-21 in partnership with Yoga Detour. The weekend immersion will be an updated version of what Kathryn has presented in the past. This immersion is slightly different every time around, and it depends on the current research Kathryn is working with. To sign up for the Mindful Strength Weekend Immersion January 2018 Click Here.

Other topics that were mentioned in this episode…

Ido Portal – one of Kathryn’s most significant inspirations, and her first ever strength teacher.

Somatic Experiencing – a course that Kathryn did some basic training in, working with the nervous system and trauma.