Practice With Me This Summer - Kathryn Bruni-Young

There’s a new way to practice with me this summer…

Many of you have already heard, and I’m beyond excited to announce that beginning August 1st I will be opening the doors of my studio to the world. The Mindful Strength Virtual Studio will be your one-stop-shop for a well rounded approach to mindful movement. Classes will be a combination of yoga, my signature Mindful Strength flow, chair practice, basic lifting, kettlebell strength, pilates and restorative movement. If you have been following me for any length of time you know how important I think movement variety is, and that’s why I’m creating this online platform. I know how important strength is, but it’s hard to find great resources that are actually teaching a progressive strategy in an accessible and inviting environment. Each month ten new classes will be added to the library, and will be available for login and streaming, or download.

To celebrate the pre-launch of the virtual studio I will be giving away free content all month, this first of which came out just yesterday in my Facebook group. Over the next few weeks I will be releasing practice sessions on my podcast, as well as videos and daily clips of all my favourite movements. If you want to receive all of this great information put your name on this list to receive a special email each week.

Monthly and annual memberships for the Mindful Strength Virtual Studio will go on sale in a couple of weeks, and by August 1st you will be able to practice with me from anywhere in the world!