2 Bands + Intro Class


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Want to start strength training at home, with the most basic piece of equipment? You are in the right place! Included are 2 bands, and a special welcome class to get you started. This also makes a great gift for that friend, or mom, who need smart and compassionate coaching to get them moving.

The thing is you need resistance if you want to build strength. No resistance = no strength development. We include a red and a blue band, plus an instructional video so you can gradually increase your intensity, in a safe way.

Starting your strength training journey with resistance bands is a great way to work on your strength, from home, without fancy gear. Bands are ideal because they are so easy to store in your home, and bring them with you on the go. With two resistance bands you can start lighter, and progress to heavy as your body adapts over time.

** All bands are latex free

*** You will receive both bands plus a link to your intro class in the mail (shipping time depends on location) shipping is FREE