How to Lift Heavy at Home (without fancy equipment)




In this webinar Kathryn Bruni-Young will guide you through the importance of heavy loading and how to do it at home without needing a lot of equipment. Kathryn will also guide you through assessing whether it’s safe to add more load to your movements. We frequently get questions like “I have a 15 and a 25 lb weight, how do I know when it’s safe to use the heavier weight?” This is a 2 hr webinar, hosted on Zoom, with group interaction and movement included.

Topics included…

  • What constitutes heavy lifting for the individual
  • How to balance movement, it’s not just about going heavy all the time
  • Why heavy lifting requires more recovery, and how to manage this
  • Percentages of your max, even if you aren’t a pro lifter
  • Practical exploration of what 80-85% feels like
  • Failed reps and what happens when you go to failure
  • Alignment and technique considerations


What you need…

  • A sturdy chair or couch
  • Any/all weights you have whether they are dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, light or heavy, bring them all


Date and Time: November 24th 6-8pm EST 

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