Push-Up Club (with a friend!)

Tackle one of the most challenging movements with our accessible approach

Here’s what you get:


1 weekly live class with Q&A included


4 bonus express workouts (25 min)


Detailed PDF with photos and extra tutorials


Build up to your first (or 10th) push-up, all levels are welcome


Invite a friend to join for FREE!

Have a love/hate relationship with push-ups?

Push-Up Club Begins June 7th

Did you know that during a push-up, you’re pushing between 60-70% of your body weight? No wonder push-ups are challenging and often avoided, but they come with a ton of benefits for your body.

This versatile exercise not only strengthens the muscles used in daily life tasks, but also builds muscle and bone mass in your upper body, making you more resilient to falls and mishaps.

To help you experience the full benefits of push-ups, we’ve got a program that’s adaptable to all levels. Struggling with push-ups? No problem! We’ll show you how to build your strength gradually for a safer and attainable push-up progression

And best of all, sign up now and bring a friend for FREE!

About the classes

Join Kathryn for a weekly 60-minute live class on Wednesdays at 12pm EST. This class is designed to help you build strength and connect with a supportive community of like-minded movement enthusiasts.

You’ll enjoy four to five challenging movements per session, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and request more progressions. Plus, each week you’ll receive a recorded express class to take your strength gains to the next level.

Get ready for a fun warm-up and an exciting push-up challenge! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to improve your fitness and connect with others.

Back & shoulder strength for a more balanced upper body

Find the right pieces to complete your strength or yoga practice

Practice with us online from wherever you are in the world

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“I really love Mindful Strength and Kathryn’s awesome teachings. I have strengthened my body SO much and I love all the brilliant movements and sequences Kathryn creates for each part of the body. It is truly a remarkable, life-changing program.

    

“Thank you for the amazing classes, as always! I had a baby in April, and my body and capacities changed SO dramatically. It has been so great to take your classes as I started moving again — the emphasis on what you feel instead of what you do really helped me reconnect to a body that felt foreign to me.

Dates and Details: 

Live Class: Wednesday 12-1pm EST 

June 7 – 28

Upon completing registration email support@mindfulstrength.ca and let us know who you will be refering for this buy-one-gift-one offer. Once we have received your friend’s first name and email we will take care of the rest. 

Please note you can only refer people who are new to our platform.

Live class and express recordings will be available for 6 months. The written program with exercises, photos and templates is yours to keep.

You must be able to get up and down from the floor unassisted, and bear load on your hands in a table position.



Props Needed:

Resistance band

A chair

light to medium dumbbell or kettlebell


Ideal program for those who don't have lots of equipment

Early Bird has been extended!

Regular price: $125 CAD

About Kathryn

Kathryn (she/her) has been teaching yoga and movement since the age of 17. Growing up in her mother’s (Diane Bruni) yoga studio she has been learning about mindful movement her entire life. In 2012 Kathryn started exploring other modalities including powerlifting, gymanstics, and various forms of strength based exercise. She has completed a professional pain science mentorship with physiotherapist Neil Pearson, has interviewed some of the worlds top researchers and teachers for her podcast, and has taught workshops in over 10 countries. Kathryn has completed strength certifications with PICP Poliquin Level 2, she has worked with Ido Portal, has won the Ontario Provincials in raw powerlifting and has a passion for helping people understand their own capacity and confidence.