This week in lieu of a blog post, I’m offering a Q&A recording on a few really important Mindful Strength topics. These four questions came in on my Facebook feed last week, thank you to everyone who participated.



Here are the questions…

How can we incorporate mindful strength into daily life, and should we make a conscious effort to override certain movement habits in the event that they are giving us problems?


Why are you doing all of this?


As a woman over the age of sixty, how can I gain strength and mobility?

In answering this questions I cited one of my videos, follow the link here to my free webinars and look at the wrists video. This video explains joint prep, and a couple ways we can accomplish joint prep.


How to practice mindful movement in the face of chronic pain? How to find motivation for movement practice when struggling with chronic pain?



I’m looking forward to doing this again, if you enjoyed the recording please leave me a comment. And feel free to send in a question for next week.