Rethinking safety, alignment, and mechanical ways of understanding the body

Kathryn and Kyle talk about the mechanical model and give a few examples of mechanical ideas that negatively affect the ways we move and feel. Mechanical thinking teaches us that load is something that breaks us down, that safety is nurtured through avoidance, and that alignment is to be perfect. 

We believe that safety is built through gradual and meaningful exposure and that resistance has the capacity to build us up (not just wear us down). Kathryn also explains why she rarely assesses alignment, and rather is more interested in capacity, especially with beginners. This podcast will give you major food for thought!

Bone Builders

Bone Builders, taught by Kathryn and Kyle will teach the foundation movements of strength training, plus how to progress to heavier weights over time. Bone health depends on consistent and progressive training, that’s what this program is all about.