Welcome to the #SneakyStrengthYoga Challenge!  The 7-day challenge, with a fresh host each day, offers poses and actions to explore in practice and invites people to participate by posting and tagging their own versions of the daily suggestions to #sneakystrengthyoga. We’ll be releasing daily interviews as a special podcast series in support of the online movement that aims to spread the message of “strength” in the yoga community.

In this series, Kathryn connects with the six other intelligent and inspiring challenge hosts who have collaborated on the #sneakystrengthyoga project, all of whom are guest contributors to Jenni Rawlings’ online class library. In addition to discussing the pose or movement of the day, including guided instruction and information on why each chose their particular pose or theme, the women reveal what informs their practice and teaching, why they think strength needs to be sneaky, and share insights into their personal perspectives on the integrations of yoga and strength.


RULES: Follow all of the hosts and post your version of each day’s pose with the hashtag #sneakystrengthyoga to be entered to win. Winner will be announced on 4/24. This contest is not sponsored by or affiliated with Instagram.

PRIZE: Win a year-long membership to Jenni Rawlings’ online class library, with unlimited access to classes from all of these amazing hosts! (If you’re already a library member, your membership will be extended for 1 year for free.

BONUS: use code SNEAKYSTRENGTHYOGA for your first month free in Jenni’s online class library.

DAY 1: Cecily Milne

MOVEMENT \\ Triangle | Trikonasana ~ Half Moon | Ardha Chandrasana
BODY FOCUS \\ Side Body ~ Obliques ~ Spinal Stabilization
PRACTICE \\ With the podcast @ 6:08 \\ See it on IG: @yogadetour

DAY 2: Trina Altman

MOVEMENT \\ Seated Wide Angle | Upavistha Konasana | Pancake Good Morning
PROPS \\ Cork Brick (or other weighted block), Strap
FOCUS \\ Posterior Chain ~ Hips
PRACTICE \\ With the podcast @ 4:36 \\ See it on IG: @trinaaltman 

DAY 3: Jenn Pilotti

MOVEMENT \\ Folded Leg Forward Bend | Tiriang Mukha Eka Pada Paschimottanasana ~ Warrior III | Virabhadrasana III
FOCUS \\ Transitions ~ Lower Body ~ Hips
PRACTICE \\ With the podcast @ 4:05 \\ See it on IG: @bewellpersonaltraining 

DAY 4: Jenni Rawlings

MOVEMENT \\ Lord of the Dance Pose | Natarajasana ~ Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose | Utthita Hasta Padangushtasana
FOCUS \\ Balance ~ Legs ~ Hamstrings
PRACTICE \\ With the podcast @ 7:20 \\ See it on IG: @jenni_rawlings 

DAY 5: Samantha Faulhaber

MOVEMENT \\ Seated Twist
FOCUS \\ Inter-Abdominals ~ Progressive Isometrics
PRACTICE \\ With the podcast @ 9:00 \\ See it on IG: @samanthafaulhaber

DAY 6: Ariana Rabinovitch

MOVEMENT \\ Downward Facing Dog | Adho Mukha Svanasana ~ Push-Up
FOCUS \\ Upper Body Strength ~ Shoulders
PRACTICE \\ With the podcast @ 5:15 \\ See it on IG: @arianayoga

DAY 7: Kathryn Bruni-Young

MOVEMENT \\ Standing on Unstable Object ~ Balancing
PROPS \\ Dowel (1.5-3” diameter)
FOCUS \\ Ankles ~ Hips
PRACTICE \\ With the podcast @ 3:35 \\ See it on IG: @kathrynbruniyoung


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