Strength & Conditioning Spring Program

Here’s what you get:


2 sessions each week (scroll down for more info)


Progressive lifting for muscle & bone mass, feel more robust


Progressive aerobic training for endurance, recovery, and muscular efficiency


Guided classes, PDF program, Q&A with Kathryn


An educational webinar on the basics of conditioning and exercise zones


Step-by-step programming

Why do both strength & conditioning?

Strength & Conditioning go hand in hand, here’s why…

You already know how important it is to build up your strength gradually over time and conditioning is no different. Often, when people do conditioning, they go hard and fast which can lead to stress hormone spikes, anxiety around exercise, over fatigue and pain flares. As usual, our approach will be progressive and consistent to help you get the most out of your training, while being able to enjoy the climb.

As humans, we have two energy systems, aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercise is what you might think of as “cardio,” running, spinning, brisk walking. Anaerobic exercise is movement that is hard and fast, heavy lifting, plyometrics and sprinting. 

Strength without conditioning means you have powerful muscles, but they crap out when you try to hike up hill or run after your kid. Cardio without strength means you can jog slowly for a long time, but not lift a heavy box safety. As you can imagine, when we combine the two, we get a much more well-rounded approach to physical training.

This program includes 2 weekly workout sessions…

Day 1: Strength Training + Metcon – In this session Kathryn will teach you progressive loaded exercises like deadlifts, lunges, pulling and pushing. This class will end with a 10 minute bout of anaerobic conditioning including progressive plyometrics, and power exercises. Both low and high impact options will be provided.

Day 2: Aerobic Progression – The first 4 classes in this progression will be guided intervals. From there, you will receive a detailed program to complete on your own. You can choose to do this program on a stationary cardio machine, or briskly walk/jog outside. If you have a heart monitor on your watch, Kathryn will guide you on how to make use of the data and progress gently over the weeks. 


Track progress with our PDF program for consistency

Find your starting point and make steady gains

Practice with us online from wherever you are in the world

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“I really love Mindful Strength and Kathryn’s awesome teachings. I have strengthened my body SO much and I love all the brilliant movements and sequences Kathryn creates for each part of the body. It is truly a remarkable, life-changing program.

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“Thank you for the amazing classes, as always! I had a baby in April, and my body and capacities changed SO dramatically. It has been so great to take your classes as I started moving again — the emphasis on what you feel instead of what you do really helped me reconnect to a body that felt foreign to me.

Dates and Details: 

Begins April 17 th 2024

8-week guided strength program total plus a 12-week aerobic conditioning program. Follow along in real time or complete the program at your own pace.

Live class is Wednesday 12:00-1:00pm ET

All live classes are recorded and available within 24 hours. Live classes also include Q&A, we are here to help you!

Recorded classes will be added weekly. Additionally you will get specific instructions on how to progress the outdoor (or machine based) cardio sessions.

Detailed written program with photos of exercises and fillable template.

Class recordings will be available for 6 months, the written program is yours to keep.


Accessibility is our priority

This program will not include intentionally loaded spinal flexion and twisting. Participants who have bone mass concerns will find this program suitable and very productive for muscle/bone health.

If conditioning is new to you this is a fantastic place to begin! We take our progressive approach very seriously and strive to create movement options for beginners and advanced practitioners. If you need help, attend the live classes and ask Kathryn for additional options.

Educational components

This program includes an educational webinar on the basics of conditioning, energy systems and exercise zones. Kathryn will teach you how to use heart rate information and RPE to gauge intensity and progress over time. We strive to not only coach great classes/workouts but to help you learn why we are doing the things we do.

Equipment Needed:

Weights, bring everything you have from barbells to dumbbells and kettlebells or do this class at the gym. Having different weights to choose from is important for this program.

A chair or footstool

Other props like a yoga block, resistance band or blanket will come in handy.

Somewhere to complete the cardio component, we recommend brisk walking or jogging outside, or on a stationary cardio machine (elliptical/bike etc...)

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About Kathryn

Kathryn (she/her) has been teaching yoga and movement since the age of 17. Growing up in her mother’s (Diane Bruni) yoga studio she has been learning about mindful movement her entire life. In 2012 Kathryn started exploring other modalities including powerlifting, gymanstics, and various forms of strength based exercise. She has completed a professional pain science mentorship with physiotherapist Neil Pearson, has interviewed some of the worlds top researchers and teachers for her podcast, and has taught workshops in over 10 countries. Kathryn has completed strength certifications with PICP Poliquin Level 2, she has worked with Ido Portal, has won the Ontario Provincials in raw powerlifting and has a passion for helping people understand their own capacity and confidence.