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Augment your strength programming with specialty drop-in classes, variable and novel exercises, as well as recordings that boost your body's recovery. These classes are offered in addition to the programs included above and are a combination of live classes, tutorial recordings (e.g. working with barbell) and mini-workshops to enhance your strength knowledge.

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More Details About Our Programs

Conditioning 2.0 (Oct 2 – Dec 4 2024)

It’s recommended that adults get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week, plus two strength training sessions. What counts as an intensity minute and how can we make this part of training more progressive and engaging?

In this 10-week program Kathryn will teach you more about conditioning, and how to get your intensity minutes each week, all while building up your strength and having a good time. This program includes three weekly components including aerobic conditioning (jogging, exercise bike, elliptical machine, rower etc…), strength training, and anaerobic conditioning (power, speed, but don’t worry it will be all levels and VERY progressive!).

Equipment Needed

  • A variety of weights, either dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells
  • Cardio machine (bike, elliptical etc…) or do the aerobic component outside jogging or briskly walking
  • Box, chair, bench or something to use for push-ups and possibly step-ups


  • 10-week program (2x/week classes)
  • Live classes Wednesday’s 12pm ET plus a weekly recorded cardio session
  • Educational webinar on conditioning, heart rate, and exercise guidelines
  • Additional tutorials on how to scale or adapt the main strength exercises
  • PDF program with written exercises, workouts and photos

    Pull-Up Club (Jan 15 – Mar 19 2025)

    Pull-ups are incredibly challenging for most people. If you have tried hanging from the bar and wondered how on earth you would ever pull yourself up, this is for you. Getting your first pull-up can take months, in this 10-week program Kathryn will get you started on this journey and teach you how to build up this challenging movement over time.

    From grip strength to arms, biceps, back, lats and core, we will blend specific accessory exercises with compound movements to get the most out of this training. Your hands, wrists, shoulders and upper back will never feel stronger!

    Equipment Needed…

    • A variety of weights for exercises like bicep curls, over head work, dumbbells work best
    • Pull-up bar
    • Gymnastics rings (standard size wooden) to hang over pull-up bar or rafters 



    • 10-week strength program (2x/week classes)
    • Live class Wednesday’s 12pm ET, plus a recorded accessory workout each week
    • PDF program with written exercises, workouts and photos
    • Extra tutorials on how to use equipment and pro tips on progressing your pull-ups
    • An extremely well rounded approach to upper body training

      Squat Stronger (May 7 – June 23 2025)

      Squats are one of the most versatile and highly regarded exercises in strength training. From pro sports to fall prevention, everyone is talking about squats! In this 8-week program Kathryn will guide you through squat progressions using weights, options for longer leg individuals, and accessory work for the ankles, hips and knees. A few jumping progressions will be added to build more power and speed, while nurturing bone and muscle mass. Prepare to feel more powerful and springy in your legs!

      The other tricky element of squatting is mobility. Squatting is usually harder than deadlifting because of the deeper range of motion required. Kathryn will include mobility progressions to help you get into squats with a bit more ease.

      Equipment Needed…

      • A variety of weights, dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells, for this program heavier weights are preferable
      • Box, bench or chair to use for support during certain movements
      • A medium to heavy resistance band


      • 8-week strength program (2x/week classes)
      • Live class Wednesday’s 12pm ET, plus a recorded express class each week 
      • Bonus videos on how to use more equipment for the gym goers
      • A mix of heavy strengthening and mobility for your lower body
      • PDF program with written exercises, workouts and photos

        Deadlift Club

        Discover the incredible power of deadlifts, the ultimate full body strength-building movement. Whether you prefer kettlebells, dumbbells, or barbells, this program will guide you through a gradual progression to maximize full body strength. This program is the mose effective way to build bone and muscle mass and strength in your hips, back, grip muscles and more.

        If you are newer to heavy lifting this program is the ideal way to gain a better understanding of compound exercises. Kathryn will guide you through the process of gradually adding weight, changing reps/sets, and help you feel confident using heavier weights.

        Equipment Needed…

        • A variety of heavier weights, dumbbells, kettlebells or barbell
        • Box, bench, chair or something to use for support


        • 5-week deadlift specific progression (recorded classes)
        • 2 bonus videos on barbells & technique
        • Additional 4-week program template
        • PDF program with written exercises, workouts and photos

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          Strength & Conditioning

          Strength and conditioning are usually trained side by side for a more holistic and well rounded approach. In this program you will learn more about aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and how to build up your cardiovascular capacity.

          You probably already know how important it is to build up your strength gradually over time and conditioning (cardio) is no different. Often, when people do conditioning, they go hard and fast which can lead to stress hormone spikes, anxiety around exercise, over fatigue and pain flares. As usual, our approach will be progressive and consistent to help you get the most out of your training, while being able to enjoy the climb.

          Equipment Needed…

          • A variety of weights, medium and heavy
          • A box, bench or chair to use for support
          • Barbell, bench and squat rack if you have them (if not Kathryn provides options)
          • Cardio machine (bike, elliptical, treadmill etc…) or do the aerobic classes outside


          • 12-week program, 2x/week (recorded classes)
          • 3 extra tutorial videos with detailed instructions of main lifts
          • Weekly aerobic conditioning recordings
          • An educational webinar on the basics of conditioning
          • PDF program with written exercises, workouts and photos

            Push-Up Club

            Did you know that during a push-up, you’re pushing between 60-70% of your body weight? No wonder push-ups are challenging and often avoided, but they come with a ton of benefits for your body. This versatile exercise not only strengthens the muscles used in daily life tasks, but also builds muscle and bone mass in your upper body, making you more resilient to falls and mishaps.

            To help you experience the full benefits of push-ups, we’ve got a program that’s adaptable to all levels. Struggling with push-ups? No problem! We’ll show you how to build your strength gradually for a safer and attainable push-up progression. In this program, you’ll enjoy four to five challenging movements per session.  There are express classes to help you increase your gains!

            Equipment Needed…

            • A couple of weights, less needed in this program
            • A box, bench or chair to use for support
            • Resistance band


            • 4-week program, 2x/week (recorded classes)
            • Numerous progressions to meet you where you are at and help build up your push-ups
            • PDF program with written exercises, workouts and photos

              Strong Mobility

              This is our first active mobility program combining strengthening exercises and yoga poses. Strong Mobility is ideal for two very different types of people… Very mobile (and hypermobile) individuals who need to build engagement and strength throughout their ranges.  And, not-so-mobile people who want to increase their range of motion.

              The interesting thing is Strong Mobility works amazingly well for both populations.

              Each class will include six movements in total…The first three will be exercises i.e. jefferson curls, split squats, lateral raises, all through deep range of motion to increase stretch and mobility. The next portion of the classes will take you through three yoga poses, practiced with weights/bands to increase engagement and, you guessed it, mobility.

              Equipment Needed…

              • A couple of weights, less needed in this program
              • A box, bench or chair to use for support
              • Resistance band


              • 8-week program, 2x/week (recorded classes)
              • A novel way to work on mobility and blend yoga poses with weights
              • A program you can blend with our other strength programs for a mix of strength and mobility/flow
              • PDF program with written exercises, workouts and photos

                Strong to the Core

                Core strength is more than just working your abs or pulling your navel to your spine. You will learn about key topics like breathing, intra-abdominal-pressure, abs and core, pelvic floor, and how your core plays a vital role in supporting your body during lifting, movement, and everyday activities. This comprehensive program is perfect for anyone who struggles with core weakness, back pain, postpartum discomfort, or upper back and neck tension.

                This program is ideal for people who are ready to slow down, tune in and spend some extra time getting to know their core.

                Equipment Needed…

                • A variety of weights
                • Massage ball and Yoga Tune Up Coregeous ball
                • Resistance band



                • 7-week program, 2x/week (recorded classes)
                • Bonus introduction class
                • Education on core pressure system
                • PDF program with written exercises, workouts, personal journal reflection and photos

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