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Strength Training to Complement Asana

– Undertand the benefits/limitations of both strength training and asana

– Why strength builds capacity and resilience

– 5 strength training exercises to complement asana

– 4 strengthening movements you can add to your asana practice today (with the help of a resistance band)

– Creating more strength = adding varied loads, why/how this works

– When to strength train and when to practice asana

(for better viewing let the video load, depending on your wifi connection it might be a bit fuzzy at first)

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Strength training is full of cultural messaging including “No Pain, No Gain” the desire for fat loss, and the idea that we have to push our bodies hard to see results. I’m here to tell you that working hard is great, but working in a way that builds the body up and helps us feel strong on our mats and in life is even better. This material helps bridge the gap between yoga asana and strength + mobility. 

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