Bone Builders

A 10-week online progressive program designed to strengthen your bones, muscles, and confidence with movement.

Here’s what you get:


2 classes per week, attend live or watch the recordings


Develop strong technique and consistency


3-phase program: Technique, Strength, Progressive Impact


Live coaching to troubleshoot and ensure success for every participant


A detailed PDF manual with photos and additional descriptions

It's NEVER too early or too late to start.

What is Bone Builders?

The first program of our new season begins with building a strong foundation, and what could be stronger than building resilient bones.

Bone Builders is a 10-week progressive program with the main focus of maintaining and building bone and muscle mass.

As we age past 30 we begin to lose muscle and bone at progressively rapid rates. Maintaining bone and mucsle is not about looking like a bodybuilder, it’s about slowing down the natural decline and maintaining strength as we age, and it starts earlier than we think!

This twice weekly program is ideal for participants interested in the foundations of weight and impact training. If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia this is a great program to start adding more strength to your weekly routine.

Options will be provided for different levels and Kathryn will be available during and after the live classes for Q&A if needed.

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Building strong bones takes time, start with us

Bone and muscle start to decline in our late 30’s which means it’s never too early (or late) to begin this type of training.

Bone and muscle can be built at any age, but building bone requires specific training.

Swimming, cycling, and walking are great for exercise, but not great for the maintenance and resilience of strong bones.

    

“I really love Mindful Strength and Kathryn’s awesome teachings. I have strengthened my body SO much and I love all the brilliant movements and sequences Kathryn creates for each part of the body. It is truly a remarkable, life-changing program.

    

“Thank you for the amazing classes, as always! I had a baby in April, and my body and capacities changed SO dramatically. It has been so great to take your classes as I started moving again — the emphasis on what you feel instead of what you do really helped me reconnect to a body that felt foreign to me.


Two live weekly classes, or watch the recordings

Tuesday’s 12-1pm EST & Saturday’s 10-10:45am EST

Sept 20 – Nov 26

If you have a few different weights Kathryn will show you how to use them all in various ways, the more options you have, the better. Option to download classes to the app and take them on the go to the gym, park, or wherever you like.

The only pre-requisites are: the ability to stand unassisted, get up and down from the floor, and you have been cleared to exercise by your doctor or health provider.

More about the Progression:

Weeks 1-2: Focus on technique and consistency. During this period you will learn the foundation exercises with light or no load to ensure good form and confidence.

Weeks 3-6: Progress your foundation exercises with weights, bands, speed, to build muscular strength. Some exercises will be repeated each week in order to progress. 

Weeks 7-10: Continue building strength through muscles, bones and connective tissues, plus begin adding impact training. If you have heavier weights or gym equipment this is a great time to use them. Some exercises will be repeated each week in order to progress.

Props Needed:

Resistance bands

A chair

dumbbell or kettlebell weights

Ready to start building stronger bones?

Class recordings will be available for 1 year so you can repeat them within that time frame.

About Kathryn

Kathryn (she/her) has been teaching yoga and movement since the age of 17. Growing up in her mother’s (Diane Bruni) yoga studio she has been learning about mindful movement her entire life. In 2012 Kathryn started exploring other modalities including powerlifting, gymanstics, and various forms of strength based exercise. She has completed a professional pain science mentorship with physiotherapist Neil Pearson, has interviewed some of the worlds top researchers and teachers for her podcast, and has taught workshops in over 10 countries. Kathryn has completed strength certifications with PICP Poliquin Level 2, she has worked with Ido Portal, has won the Ontario Provincials in raw powerlifting and has a passion for helping people understand their own capacity and confidence.