Our Membership offers weekly live and on-demand classes!

Mindful Strength Membership

Mindful Strength Membership

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  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Over 50 on-demand classes from 20-60 minutes
  • New classes uploaded every week
  • Sliding scale membership options with no long-term commitment
  • Access to our 30-day practice progression to get you started
  • Livestream classes on Monday and Thursday at 12pm EST
  • A diverse and well-rounded approach to asana, flow, strength training, mobility, dynamic and functional movement
  • Monthly guest teachers for incredible variety

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Our membership offers live and recorded classes to help you build strength from home in a mindful way.

kathryn bruni young in triangle pose with a dumbbell

“A membership well worth the time and money. Kathryn and Kyle are knowledgable and easy to follow for all levels – always fun and easy to follow.”

Penny F.

I love just about ANYTHING that Kathryn teaches! Her depth of knowledge and laid-back style of teaching is right up my alley. Not only do I enjoy and get great benefits from both Kathryn and Kyle’s classes, but everything I learn is so wonderful to incorporate into my own yoga/movement classes. My students LOVE the stuff that I share with them (with credit of course!).” 

Diane Murphy

RN/500hr Yoga Teacher

The most complete all-round platform for well-being through movement I’ve found.”

Mary Gwynn

More Information

This online platform started three years ago when we decided to start filming classes so we could offer them to folks who had been following along from all over the world. This was the beginning of our Virtual Studio.

We offer a unique practice that blends mindful movement with strength training so we can all feel stronger and more able to do the things we love. Our classes will help you stay consistent and motivated because we know practicing at home isn’t always exciting. All you need is a long resistance band, kettlebell or dumbbell, a yoga block and something like a tennis ball to roll on.

  •  Wanting to understand WHY a varied practice that blends strength, mobility, functional movement, and yoga is so helpful.
  • Interested in live classes with us and the entire membership community.
  • Finding yourself with more questions than ever before about your own practice or teaching.
  • Feeling unsure of where to start when there are just so many resources available.
  • Are excited by things like pain science, task-based movement, resistance bands, using props in interesting ways, strength training, and more.
  • Loving online classes and the flexibility of home practice.
  • Always wanting the latest and greatest when it comes to fresh materials.
  • Interested in progressive strength and movement strategies and sessions to follow along with.

“The Mindful Strength Membership classes always leave me feeling fantastic! A great approach to strength, mobility, and full-body movement. Highly recommend for just about anyone.”

Jessica Tateishi

“The Mindful Strength membership has been so important to me during the pandemic. The two of you create such a needed balance of practices and are so fun together! I love it so much, I even gifted my mom and sister Memberships.”


“I just love Kyle and Kathryn’s classes! They’re innovative, interesting and so well presented. When I work out with them, I feel I have two very experienced and knowledgeable teachers.”


Sliding-Scale Membership Prices

We’re currently offering four sliding-scale membership options. They all grant you full access to our membership classes and livestreams. Once selected, you’ll be taken over to our online practice platform to complete the transaction and gain access to your monthly membership.


$25 CAD

14 Day FREE Trial + Subsidized Subscription


$35 CAD

14 Day FREE Trial + Subsidized Subscription


$45 CAD

14 Day FREE Trial + Subsidized Subscription


$55 CAD

14 Day FREE Trial + Subsidized Subscription

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“My membership has been a great resource for my teaching and for my own practice. Incorporating strength and mobility as well as pain science has given my movement practice meaning and direction.”

Suzan Bauer

“My favorite thing about this membership is I know that I can click on any class and feel appropriately challenged. I never feel scared or nervous that I’m too out of shape or won’t be given an option that feels good for me on any given day. It’s basically magic. And that’s not to say that things aren’t challenging – I’ve had many a sore muscle. It’s sneaky! I highly recommend both Kathryn and Kyle’s classes and I especially love the live classes.”

Audrey Holst

This membership offers so much for what you pay for. As someone who looks for diversity in classes, and continuous focus on the building blocks of strength and mobility, Kathryn and Kyle’s classes offer this and so much more. They are smart, challenging, and are based on the things that support longevity so that we remain injury-free and strong. I love them. They are just what I have been looking for.”

Lori Duncan

woman in 4 different collaged photos

About Kathryn

Kathryn Bruni-Young (she/her) has been teaching yoga and strength-based movement since the age of 17. She began practicing Ashtanga at her mother’s studio in Toronto, and after experiencing some aches and pains decided to branch out and learn from other movement modalities. To date, she has competed as a strength athlete, immersed herself in pain science and multidisciplinary movement education, sustained a successful podcast, led international workshops, and she continues to run an online business with her partner Kyle. Her main influences are Greg Lehman, Jules Mitchell, Neil Pearson, Ido Portal, and all the guests she hosts on her podcast.

woman in 4 different collaged photos

About Kyle

Kyle Pichie (he/him) has been teaching strength and conditioning since 2004, he has taught CrossFit, personal training, group fitness and he continues to run a youth weightlifting club. Kyle completed Kathryn’s YTT in 2014 and combines elements of his strength background with a more mindful and inclusive approach to exercise. He has years of experience training people in a gym setting and offers more of a mindful workout approach. Kyle has taken over everything from shooting classes to video editing, technical support, and podcast production for Mindful Strength. Kathryn and Kyle live in a countryside village in eastern Ontario (Canada), they travel together for international workshops, teach classes in their community, and produce a number of online courses, teacher education programs, and the Mindful Strength Membership