Sarah Court is a California based Doctor of Physical Therapy, the creator of  Quantum Leap and a long standing yoga teacher whose work is grounded in  anatomy and movement science with a focus on continuing eduction for movement teachers. Sarah is a wealth of body knowledge and we are excited that she took the time to chat with Kathryn on the Mindful Strength Podcast.

In this conversation we learn about Sarah’s early influences in yoga from books to free community classes, to a deeper exploration of yoga through dedicated practice, teacher trainings and the experience of a positive embodied experience.   Sarah touches on her early days within the Jivamukti practice in NYC, finding the Yoga Tune Up® methodology, and how that  ultimately led to completing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  Much of this episode is  centred around the discussion and dissection of pain, its subjective nature and  the brain’s roll in dictating what pain actually is or feels like.  They dive into busting some myths specifically on lower back pain and “the core,”  and safety in movement . Kathryn and Sarah connect on why movement for all bodies and with variety, no matter your physical or mental state, is just so very important .

Sarah has recently release the first  tutorial for the Movement Logic project that is co-created by Trina Altman and  Laurel Beversdorf, check links in our show notes for details.

In this episode…

Sarah Court \\   Doctor of Physical Therapy
Sarah’s website is a hub for all of her work, teachings and projects. You can find out more about her education programs both in person and online with Quantum Leap and about her joint online tutorial project, Movement Logic.

 Fighting Monkey   \\ Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea
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