Anietie Ukpe-Wallace, also known as Tia, has had a life-long fascination with the human body and its inner workings. Beginning with a formal introduction to movement in college, she has continued that journey ever since. As a yoga teacher of 8 years in the East Bay, her practice morphed from one of structure and ego to one of humility and independent thinking. After her own struggles surrounding her pelvic floor, she has grown a love for learning and understanding this part of the body that is rarely talked about and sometimes even misunderstood. She recently graduated with a Doctorate degree in physical therapy in August 2019, is in the completion stages of becoming a Women’s Health Coach through the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and is also the host of the podcast, The Masterful Art of Self-Care.



Kathryn and Tia talk about everything that has to do with self care. Tia shares why she believes self care is the way of the future, and how she plans to bring it into her clinical PT practice. She talks about her mother as her main inspiration, and why she went from teaching Ashtanga to Yoga Tune-Up, to going back to school to become a DPT. Tia also shares some of the dark side of self care, how it’s not all about doing happy, nice things for yourself. She talks about her concept of “self care gone wrong” which is an idea she talks about on her podcast, the harmful things we have done in the name of self care.

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