Carly Stong is a yoga teacher, studio owner, teacher trainer and a member of the leadership team with the Yoga and Body Image Coalition. Her work combines her background in education with science and empowerment.



This is a great conversation for all teachers to hear. In this candid conversation, Kathryn and Carly share thoughts on body positivity and critical thinking as a yoga teacher. Carly talks about how she incorporates body positivity, which is really “body neutrality”, in her teachings and how yoga teachers can determine if they are teaching in this way. She also talks about how critical thinking has taken a place first and foremost in her teaching, which has helped her create an inclusive and thoughtful practice for her students. They discuss the subject of language and how to use it to empower students to take ownership of their practice as well as cautionary thoughts for teachers using certain alignment cues and how they can be misinterpreted. Lots of thought-provoking ideas for yoga teachers shared in this episode!

In this episode…

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